More Customized Products


This facility is meant for those who need to pay medical bills, buy tire or fix a car, solve other urgent problems etc. To be eligible, individuals with verifiable source of income are required to open an account with  the bank.


This account is designed to assist customers who want to invest in shares of blue chip companies. A customer who has operated his/her account for 3 months could be given loans to purchase shares in good companies.


This account is meant to assist those who intend to embark on holy pilgrimage to Mecca or Jerusalem. It is a form of Target Account,  the Account holder could be assisted up to 50% of the value of the cost of performing Holy pilgrimage.

Account must be operated for at least 3months to quality for a loan


This is a form of overdraft facility usually needed by customers as a bridging finance pending receipt of proceeds of their sales or receivables. It is usually granted for 30 to 60 days.

It could be very helpful during emergency.


Under this scheme, a customer who has an LPO from a reputable company could get a facility up to 75% of the value of the LPO to execute the order. The tenor is usually between 30 to 90 days

LPO proceeds to be domiciled with the bank.


This facility enables qualified customers to own assets they desire. It could be by way of leasing or higher purchase.


  • It gives customers the opportunity to acquire their dream assets without having to save for a long period or touch their savings.
  • Reduces pressure on customers cash flow
  • It allows you to plan your finances

Qualifying Assets

  • Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Motor Cars, Staff or School Buses, Household Furniture, Washing Machines, Generators, Laptops, Personal Computers, Air Conditioners, Tricycles.


This facility allows a taxi driver who drives for others to own his taxi. A loan will be given to an Association which maintains an account with the bank. The taxi could be purchased for the association to be given to their members.


This facility allows a Tricycle driver who drives for others to own his own tricycle. A loan will be given to an Association which maintains account with the bank the Tricycle would be purchased for their members.


This facility is designed for private hospitals to enable them buy or replenish stock of drugs in their pharmacy or equip their hospitals. Young doctors who have just set up a clinic could be assisted to expand or equip their clinics.

The bank could also help in the payment of their staff salary.

Advances Salary or asset acquisition loans.


This facility is designed for pharmaceutical shops/chemists to enable them expand or replenish the stock of drugs in their shops. Revolving stock replacement facility could be put in place.


This products is targeted Parents, Teachers and Schools.

Parents that maintain good accounts with the Bank and who have regular sources of income could be given loan to pay their children school fees, WAEC enrollment fees etc.

Teachers could also benefit under this scheme by way of Salary Advance, assets acquisition etc.

Schools that maintain account with the Bank could be assisted with loan or overdraft to pay teachers salary promptly, buy school buses or improve the school facilities such as Laboratory, Library, School Furniture etc.


This credit facility gives salary earners who maintain account with the bank up collect 50% of their monthly salary in advance


  • It enables you to solve emergency/immediate problems before your salary is due
  • It is flexible and convenient
  • It saves you from embarrassment/the need to tell the story of your life to friends or neighbours in order to solve your financial problems.


This facility is designed to help solve accommodation problems. This could be residential,  shop or business accommodation.

A loan could be given to a customer to pay for his/her accommodation if the customer has operated his account satisfactorily for at least 3 months.

Has 40-50% of the cost of the rent in his account.


This account could be used to assist cooperative societies to manage or invest their surplus funds in high yielding investment funds.

Loans could also be given to members of the cooperative to expand their businesses or solve personal problems. Such loan has to be guaranteed by the executive members of the cooperative.


The bank could assist any church or mosque that opens an account with the bank in its expansion programmes, purchase of electronics or musical equipments etc. Various facilities needed in the church could be financed by the bank.

Loan facilities could be arranged for members to expand their businesses or solve personal problems. The bank could assist members in the area of assets acquisition, payment of school fees etc.

Members of the church/mosque that owns various forms of businesses could be assisted by the bank.


Owners of business centres that open accounts with the bank will be assisted with the following loans. Loans to buy recharge cards in large quantity or become a distributor, generator, computers, photocopiers.

However, to qualify for these loans, the customer must open and operate an account with the bank for 3 months.


Up to 50% of the value could be advanced to a customer who intends to purchase a land which cost up to N1 million or below.

The-customer must have verifiable source of income and must have maintained an account with the bank for at least 3 months.